Sunday, 5 October 2008

Guest Blog: Visitors from Su'u

Rob and Lara have invited us to have the very honoured privillage of writing on their blog site. Our names are Antony and Cassey Wright, we are working at Su'u Secondary School which is 65km South of Auki in the bush. Cassey and I are newly weds (Dec 2007), and we felt strongly about giving our first year in marriage to serving God in a third world country, so here we are. Our time here in the Solomon’s has been one adventure and challenge after another. Stepping out in faith has been an incredible blessing for our marriage. We have had to learn, trust, grow and pray together on what seems like a fast track course in marriage and serving God.

Su’u National Secondary School is a large Christian boarding school in the middle of the bush. The school is in an isolated location, because Malaita is a big island and Su’u is very central, also because being so isolated means the students are forced to study away from the many distractions of village and city life.

Cassey is teaching English and taking care of the Library and I am teaching Science and Biology. There are only three schools in the Solomon’s that go up to 7th form (university entrance) level, Su’u is one of them and we have just over 400 students. The challenges are relentless; lack of resources, communication (limited VHF), power, water, bugs, rats, drunk locals and the biggest being the cultural differences.

Having Rob, Lara, Steve and Kelly in Auki, with their open invitation and friendship has been a lifesaver for us. Cassey and I finish in 6 weeks at the end of the school year and make our way back to New Zealand. Please continue to pray for these four amazing people. They are doing a great work for God, serving his people at Kalufi hospital. Especially pray for funding for the workshop Rob is building at the hospital, and maybe if you feel lead, even loosen your own purse strings a bit.

Thank you once again guys, you're legends.

Lots of love, Ants and Cassey.


Anonymous said...

Hi Antony and Cassey,

My name is Harold Maesulia and I once was a student of Su'u N.S.S too!

I did my form 7 there in 2006 and I'm now in Fiji studying Medicine(1st yr) which I'm enjoying.

It touched my heart to see people like you(Europeans) sacrificing your time and money to come and help us here in the Islands.I'm out of words when I learn of the job you and your friends are doing for my people.May God richly bless you in your service.

If you happen to read this please pass my regards to the students of Su'u.

I do have a blog too if you want to have a look at what I have in mind.The address is

You do have a nice time out there.

God bless!!


Anonymous said...

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