Friday, 21 November 2008

Froggy challenge


Here's how the froggy challenge works. You get to write a caption each for the two photos in the comments section. The competition will be judged on Christmas Day with the best captions being displayed on our website.

Froggy B

This will achieve two things - 1) allows us to see if anyone reads these blogs! And 2) Gives us something to look forward to on Christmas Day rather than sitting around missing friends and family!

Have fun, think crazy and enjoy yourselves!


Anonymous said...

Froggy A: Can't believe you woke me up to flash a camera in my eyes.

Froggy B: A little privacy? Sensitivity? I'm kinda stuck here...

Great game guys...these are terrible but I wanted to join in :D

Julie Home

Anonymous said...

Froggy A: What are you smiling about!

Froggy B: Go find you're own hole to crawl into!

Sorry I think my creativity juices aren't kicking in yet.

By the way Steve & Kel, was just wondering if you guys have been getting my emails. I hope you got my birthday wishes Steve.

Love Jerome.

Unknown said...

Froggy A:
What do you mean how am I?
I can see you!
Froggy B:
Only the toughest of us frogs can do wall push ups.
Of course I know what I'm doing - look a the size of my head!
Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas
Shona Cox

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
Unsurprisingly I have nothing clever to add to this competition but I wanted to let you know I've visited the site! In fact I was able to use Kelly's reflections on "whiteness" to discuss with my Year 8 students issues of isolation and discrimination experienced by minority groups as a counter-point to our studies of the Civil Rights Movement. Yup, you've helped me teach. Merry Christmas! Love Nathan

Anonymous said...

Froggy A: Here's looking at you, kid.

Froggy B: What's a matter you? Shuttupayourface!

Love Pat


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