Saturday, 20 December 2008

You know you are in Auki when:

  • Your hand gets tired from waving at anyone & everyone on the 10 min drive to work.
  • Filling up your water bottle becomes the main attraction for the National Psychiatric Unit.
  • You spend NZ$42 for 2 kg of basic cheese for a taste of home.
  • One of the mars bars you got for Christmas 2007 is still in the fridge in Dec 2008 (too valuable to eat!)
  • You see in a shop a tin of bake bean's used by date was 2006.
  • You stork strange 'whitemen' for conversation and entrap them into coming for dinner.
  • You pass a 3 ton truck crabbing while competing for the world record of passengers.
  • Four vehicles in a row is heavy traffic.
  • Power is off more than on!
  • The daily sunsets far surpass those on Hollywood movies!

1 comment:

Harold Maesulia said...

That's the making of Auki. Unique, isn't it?


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